Vood is the new plant-based meal delivery service you always knew you needed

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A third-generation greengrocer and the co-founder of XO and ILY walk into a bar.

You might not expect the result to be Canberra’s first plant-based meal delivery service, but Frank Iannelli and Greg Lally are here to change minds, palates and lifestyles.

Meet Vaud—the new locally owned, locally made, plant-based meal delivery service you’ll want to try.

Offering restaurant-quality, plant-based meals delivered to your home, Vood hits all modern ethical milestones – made from sustainably sourced local ingredients – and eliminates kitchen work.

On the menu, dishes like eggplant biryani with basmati rice, eggplant sambal, urkai, cucumber raita and pappadum, mushroom gnocchi with creamed corn, leek and shiitake, pad thai with tofu and vegetables and a Mexican bowl with stew bolognese, salsa and jalapeño pesto.

Vood founders Greg Lally and Frank Iannelli.

Meals start from $14 each and are available in individual, couple and family portions. Be sure to scroll down to watch the lovely intro videos from XO’s Chef AK Ramakrishna, Corella’s Brady Scholes and Vood’s Head Chef Tamieka Hessenberger.

Greg Lally, whose background in finance and business strategy helped XO and ILY become household names, says Vood’s origins lie in modern eating habits and preferences.

“We did some research and found that now, more than ever, people are looking to reduce their meat intake and add more plant-based meals to their diet.”

“At the same time, the industry has evolved rapidly to meet growing demand for meal delivery and meal kits, but the options available to people who want to eat more plant-based meals and understand where their food comes from they eat are really limited.”

And who better to partner with for that understanding of provenance than Alpha Fresh Foods omni-food wholesaler Frank Iannelli, whose family roots in the Riverina region and vast experience supplying hospitality venues with produce costs give VOOD meals their exceptional quality.

It is this experience that gives Vood the ability to achieve its sustainability goals.

“Too often the goals of speed and economic efficiency come at an environmental cost,” says Frank. “We are passionate about providing a simple solution, but we have worked incredibly hard to develop a local supply and distribution network to reduce the distance between the farm and the consumer’s table. Our meals arrive quickly and fresh, but it’s not plant-based fast food.

However, that doesn’t mean Vood’s menu, which will change weekly, will compromise on taste, quality or freshness.

“For us, efficiency and sustainability are our two guiding themes, and we don’t think they’re mutually exclusive,” says Greg.

“We know that eating more plants is better for our health and better for the environment, but we’ve also found that people don’t know how to incorporate delicious, quick and easy to prepare, and balanced plant-based meals on the nutritional plan. Vood seeks to break down these barriers while ensuring that we do so in the most environmentally sustainable way possible.

“We have developed our menu around three values: diversity, creativity and curiosity. For us, plant-based cooking is about opening the door to different dishes and methods, rather than closing it. So many amazing cuisines emphasize plants – from the Mediterranean to South America to Central Europe and beyond.

It’s an exciting new chapter for the duo, one that goes back further than people realize.

“Frank and I met in primary school in Canberra and have been friends ever since,” Greg reveals. “Frank’s family has a long heritage in produce and distribution in Canberra and literally grew up around fresh food and local producers. I took a different path in the corporate world before diving into the hospitality industry about 10 years ago when I co-founded local restaurant XO and later ILY.

“We have been fortunate to witness the evolution of Canberra’s food scene over the past 15 years, propelled by the unfair advantage we enjoy of having so many fresh, high quality locally grown or produced produce. “

It was those 15 years of experience that first sparked the couple’s curiosity as to how a company could find balance in a plant-based diet for busy people.

“Over time, we have become more and more interested in the interaction between agriculture, food systems and the environment,” says Greg. “We’ve each discovered the benefits of switching to a more plant-based way of eating, but also the challenges of accessing the information and tools to help you do so in the midst of all the other demands of living well. filled.”

“For us, Vood is about making it easy for our community to discover these benefits for themselves – not by radically switching to radical diets or fundamentally remodeling the contents of their fridges, but by introducing a few more plant-based meals. into their weekly eating habits.”

Launching Vood in the kitchens of XO and ILY, Frank and Greg quickly realized they were going to need a bigger HQ, a local HQ that cut food miles as much as possible.

“We started out operating from restaurant kitchens and then expanded twice: into a small commercial kitchen in Braddon and then into a purpose-built facility in Fyshwick,” says Greg.

“It is essential for us that our meals are prepared in the communities we serve in order to reduce the distance between the farm/producer and the customer’s table as much as possible.”

Learn more about eatvood.com.au.

Photography: Pew Pew Studio

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