Trade finance firm improves its game with supply chain intelligence

Pain points

Members of the trade finance team had relied on publicly available data, as well as information provided by suppliers and other trading partners, to identify the right candidates for loans. It was time consuming and lacked the analytical rigor needed to build an attractive portfolio of opportunities while minimizing risk to the business. Team members knew they needed to upgrade their abilities with:

  • Online access to comprehensive import and export data with details about buyers / sellers, product descriptions and values.
  • Research Capabilities to quickly identify prospects in a specific region, trade channel, or product category.
  • Financial data on public and private companies to monitor potential customers and track their creditworthiness over time.
  • Contact details of decision-makers put vital information in the hands of sales professionals.
  • Cloud access in addition to a web application.

Team members had heard of the Panjiva Supply Chain Intelligence solution and wanted to know more about the offering.

The solution

Market Intelligence described Panjiva which provides details of global import and export transactions, with information on buyers and sellers, product descriptions, values, and more. They also described the S&P Capital IQ Pro desktop solution that delivers unmatched financial data, cutting-edge productivity tools, news and research on an integrated platform. Finally, they described the company’s agreement with Snowflake, a unique cloud-based offering that complements desktop access. Together, these solutions would enable the trade finance team to:

Understand detailed business activity

Panjiva’s supply chain intelligence provides access to over 2 billion transaction records and over 13 million[1] business-to-business relationships. Records include names of importing and exporting companies, product details, dollar values, Harmonized International Trade Codes (HS), and more.

Focus on leads in specific regions

Panjiva’s advanced radius finder allows users to place a pin on the map anywhere in the world and define a ring around it in kilometers to find businesses within the ring that meet certain criteria. This can include the type of product, number of employees, income, etc.

Perform due diligence and identify contacts

Company specific details include location, current business partners, year-over-year shipping volume, company revenue, number of employees, etc. Information is also available on the names, titles, phone numbers and email addresses of key personnel from over one million companies to quickly reach decision makers.

Deepen your financial knowledge on S&P Capital IQ Pro

Private company data covers 16 million private companies worldwide, 10 million with financial statements and over 500,000 start-ups supported by data from Crunchbase.

Premium finance provides standardized data for more than 5,000 financial, supplemental and industry-specific data elements for more than 150,000 companies worldwide, including more than 95,000 active and inactive companies across multiple industries. Data is available at many frequencies, and ad hoc representations of a financial period include press releases, original filings, and restatements.

Access data via the cloud

Snowflake is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, so there is no hardware or software to select, install and manage. Users can directly access and query Market Intelligence and select third-party data. Additionally, the availability of Snowflake in Amazon AWS, Microsoft AZURE, and Google Cloud allows users to leverage any cloud provider they choose.

Easily manage integration with internal data

Cross Reference Services provides extensive linking capabilities to link entity data across different Market Intelligence and third party datasets, including linking with Dun and Bradstreet identifiers.

Key Benefits

Market Intelligence enabled the trade finance team to use Workbench to assess the offering. Workbench is a web-based notebook environment that allows users to test, explore, and experiment with datasets from S&P Global and selected third-party vendors. This was very helpful and the team quickly saw many benefits for the whole offering, including the ability to:

  • Trust a trusted information provider known for its high quality data, analytics and information.
  • Easily identify opportunities with detailed information on the trade taking place with commodities, companies and countries.
  • Confidently perform due diligence on shipping records and compare the results with the information provided by the suppliers.
  • Veterans businesses to avoid potential risks and monitor changes in creditworthiness over time.
  • Quickly access decision makers by leveraging important contact details.
  • Use a powerful desktop solution and a cloud-based option to meet different needs at different times.

Click on here for more information on Panjiva’s business solution.

[1]All data as of July 2021.

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