Top Agriculture-as-a-Service Assets Lose Over 30% This Week Despite DeFi Potential CryptoGlobe

The DeFi industry has spawned some intriguing concepts that allow users to pocket passive income. Farming as a service is an attractive concept on paper, but it seems that interest in these protocol tokens is waning very quickly. The following FaaS assets have all lost more than 30% in value recently, which doesn’t bode well for the future.

Multi-Channel Capital (MCC)

While the Multi-Chain Capital project is still going strong – depositing Ethereum tokens on farm revenue across multiple protocols and networks is attractive – MCC’s value isn’t doing too well. It is now down more than 92% from the record high, mainly due to a 54.7% decrease last week. Users need $MCC to earn rewards from protocol farming on Ethereum and BNB Chain, but the demand for the token just isn’t there today.

Finance reinvented (REFI)

Reimagined Finance’s goal is to allocate capital between leading DeFi yield farming, staking and rebase protocols across multiple chains. Additionally, the REFI token provides access to dividend payouts, governance, and ongoing thinking. Although the token is bouncing back slightly today, it is still down more than 45% last week. The low trading volume doesn’t help either.

Food Farmer Financing (FFF)

Positioning itself as a high-yielding tokenized DeFi Hedge Fund is a difficult task and creates high expectations. Food Farmer Finance offers many strategies for users to maximize their investment and return. FFF tokens are required to receive fractional exposure to Treasury performance and access educational services, expertise, and discussion. Like other farming-as-a-service tokens, FFF is down more than 85% from its all-time high and rating a weekly drop of more than 42%. FFF Hit an all-time low just a few hours ago.

Scary Chain Capital (SCC)

While the name might not be too appealing to fans of farming tokens as a service, Scary Chain Capital leverages Fantom and its DeFi capabilities. Users buy on Fantom and, through the protocol, earn revenue across multiple channels if they hold $SCC tokens. The concept is almost identical to Multi-chain Capital, although the weekly decline of -37.1% is slightly more bearable. Unfortunately, the all-time high is at 92.4%, which may be too far to surpass.

Roaring Twenties (ROAR)

Despite the somewhat unique name of an agriculture-as-a-service provider, Roaring Twenties seems to appeal to some users. The protocol has a DAO treasury that acquires network nodes and enables multi-chain farming. Participation in the staking pool on Ethereum can generate revenue from ongoing node acquisitions and the revenue they generate. However, the $ROAR token is down nearly 90% from its all-time high and lost more than 33% this week.

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