Suriname Global Service Providers Offer End-to-End Solutions

Havenbeheer Port Management is no stranger to change. Being the oldest and the only general cargo port authorized by customs in the Paramaribo region, it has adapted and expanded over the past six decades. Now they are considering new facilities, new partnerships and new ways of doing business. “We have the terminal operators with the investments they have made, we have the equipment to be efficient, we have won awards for being the best multi-purpose port. It’s good to have all that, but now we’re aiming for bigger and better,” says Resa Karg, Corporate Affairs Manager for Havenbeheer NV.

Havenbeheer currently manages the Dr. Jules Sedney Port of Paramaribo, Suriname’s main port for small-scale imports and exports, transshipment of cargo destined for Guyana and French Guiana, and export cargo destined for Europe, North America, the Caribbean and Asia. Since 1995, they have also managed the general port of New Nickerie, in the northwest of Suriname.

The port of Paramaribo is ISO and ISPS certified and is currently served by two terminal operators, PSH Transport and IPS DP World. It works under MARPOL safety and environmental guidelines and for three consecutive years has received the prestigious Ludlow Steward Award from the Caribbean Shipping Association for its outstanding growth and development. “The port has always been a key driver of the country’s economic development. Whenever there are development projects, we have to be ready to welcome them so that they can be realized,” says Andreas Talea, CEO of Havenbeheer NV

Today, Havenbeheer is working on a new support terminal in the southwestern part of the port to transport heavier loads, eliminate traffic jams and automate procedures, which should be launched within a year and a half. They will also develop a deep water port in the Nickerie area, an entirely new project which will allow them to expand and manage the trade and logistics of future offshore companies. “We will be closer to the action and able to facilitate whatever is needed more efficiently,” says Karg.

To achieve these goals, Havenbeheer understands that they must go through a process of institutional strengthening. Thus, they are working with a strategic partner and former associate, the Port of Antwerp International, in their next 5 to 10 year development plans.

As a local company with longstanding expertise in facilitating international transport and trade, their future expansion will place them in a unique position to support the development of the offshore oil and gas industries. “We want to grow to meet even more the needs of our customers. If that means new partnerships, then we will enter into new partnerships. If that means we need to invest more or bring in more people with other expertise, we will,” Karg says.

Therefore, Havenbeheer is actively seeking investors with financial means and experience in the oil and gas industry who are willing to take advantage of these opportunities. They focus on countries like the United States and the United Arab Emirates, with which they have already established links. They are currently working with DP World of the United Arab Emirates and hope to continue to strengthen this connection between the two countries. “Since a strong relationship already exists, there are possibilities to build on,” says Talea.

Just like they have in the past, Havenbeheer will continue to evolve and keep pace. “We are moving towards another way of doing business and we want to bring more added value to the port. We foresee a bright future for industry in Suriname, and as Havenbeheer we want to continue to play a key role in this development.

DP World Paramaribo: Maritime and inland terminals to world standards

DP World Paramaribo offers container handling, reefer container, container stripping and stuffing, warehousing and Ro-Ro services at the Dr. Jules Sedney Port of Paramaribo.
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Since 2011, DP World Paramaribo has completely transformed supply chain business standards both internally and nationally. We stand out from the competition by offering the best integrated solutions,” says Mervel Kotzebue, Managing Director of DP World Paramaribo, a subsidiary of DP World and the largest local container terminal operator in Suriname. “When it comes to HSE standards, we don’t just follow local regulations. All of our employees are certified and follow international terminal operator standards, which is why the port ended up adopting our own procedures,” adds Kotzebue.

DP World Paramaribo offers container handling, reefer container, container stripping and stuffing, warehousing and Ro-Ro services at the Dr. Jules Sedney Port of Paramaribo. Likewise, at its subsidiary terminal located in La Vigilantia, close to the deep water port of Paranam, DP World Paramaribo provides basic onshore services for global offshore oil and gas operations. It also manages heavy, IMDG and project cargo, as well as storage facilities for the mining, oil and forestry sectors. Additionally, they are officially launching a local DP World Logistics office in 2022, where they plan to expand their capabilities even further.

In the coming years, DP World Paramaribo aims to deepen its expertise by fully engaging in the oil and gas industry. Although they already have an onshore terminal, seaport and supply vessels, they are eager to facilitate all the key elements that will ensure future oil and gas companies have a smooth transition to the platforms. . Kotzebue explains, “As DP World, we don’t want to be just a land based operator. We want to adapt what we already do and become a leading integrated solutions provider for the oil and gas industry. This is our vision.

To do this, together with two local partners, SG Group and FIRM Engineering, they plan to open a 330 ha maritime industrial park in the eastern part of Suriname which will become the main terminal for these industries thanks to the strategic advantages of its location. , such as its seaworthiness, short distance from offshore operations, less risk and liability, and additional capacity to expand and replace the current Paramaribo terminal, which could become an inland facility to redistribute cargo. “It’s a perfect place to grow which gives us a very competitive advantage,” underlines Kotzebue, knowing from experience that when it comes to applying the highest international standards to local projects, DP World Suriname will certainly continue. to show the way.

Trustbank Amanah: Ethical, quality and tailor-made banking services

gn focus suriname trustbank

Maureen Badjoeri, CEO of Trustbank Amanah
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Focused on SMEs and based on the Islamic principles of equality, risk sharing and good practices, Trustbank Amanah is changing the way banking is done.

“As an Islamic bank, we rely on bespoke contracts, not pre-packaged products, so customers have more choice with us,” says Maureen Badjoeri, CEO of Trustbank Amanah. Being Suriname’s first fully-fledged Islamic bank, their unique corporate culture and personalized financial services set them apart. “With an Islamic bank, money has no intrinsic value and cannot grow on its own. To grow, money must be used productively and interest (Riba) is not allowed,” says Badjoeri.

To ensure profitability, the bank functions as an intermediary by offering commercial basis contracts (Murabaha) or rental basis contracts (Ijarah), where the bank and the customers share the profits and the risks. One of the hallmarks of Trustbank Amanah is their focus on microfinance and SMEs, having a dedicated microfinance office since 2010 and being members of the CMFA (Caribbean Micro Finance Alliance). “We create opportunities for micro-entrepreneurs where they encounter obstacles elsewhere”, assures Karim Chouchane, Senior Executive Advisor at Trustbank Amanah.

In 2019, Trustbank Amanah launched its digital service with internet and mobile banking, and next year they plan to open a digital e-wallet, implement an anti-money laundering IMS system and a platform digital integration. Therefore, Trustbank Amanah is looking to establish international partnerships and has entered into discussions with banks in the UK, Germany and the USA.

As an Islamic bank, they are aware of their privileged position once the oil and gas industries begin to develop. Thus, they are currently increasing their equity and are actively seeking investors in the Middle East. As Badjoeri points out, “we want to be the bridge between here and the Arab world”.

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