PSDP-Funded Projects: Finance Division Raises Staff Remuneration

ISLAMABAD: The Finance Division has revised upwards the salary package of directly recruited project staff for development projects funded by the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) after the approval of the Prime Minister after a 5% increase .

A memorandum of understanding issued by the Regulation Wing of the Finance Department brought the approval of the file of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council of 16-03-2022 to the revision of the salary scales of the project, after approval in principle by the Prime Minister for officers/staff directly recruited on the open market on a contractual basis for the execution of development projects financed by the PSDP.

Salary package for civil servants from BPS 1-4 28 after a five per cent increase in incense was increased to Rs 44,800 from Rs 28,000 followed by BPS 5-8 from Rs 57,750 from 35 000, BPS 9-10 Rs 70,030 from Rs 43,750, BPS 11 -13 to Rs84,000 from Rs52,500, BPS 14-15 to Rs112,000 70,000, BPS 16 to Rs168,000 from 105,000.

The MoF starts working on the truncated PSDP

Salary package for officers of BPS-16 has been increased to Rs252,000 from Rs157,000, BPS-18 Rs350,030 from Rs218,750, BPS-19 Rs490,030 from Rs306,250, BPS-20 Rs700,000 from Rs437,500, BPS-21 Rs980,000 from Rs612,500 and BPS-22 Rs1400,000 from Rs875,000.

The above salary package will be effective from 01-04-2022 for new and ongoing PSDP projects and will be eligible for officer/staff appointments including Project Managers, Advisors; specialists; consultants, etc. in development projects financed by the PSDP, as indicated in PC-1/PC-2, duly approved by the competent forum.

The above flat rate salary package will be eligible for new/direct/existing employees of PSDP projects. However, the salary of fresh/direct employees should be fixed at the initial stage and thereafter an annual increase of five percent from the initial stage would be allowable.

Salaries for existing employees of PSDP-funded projects will be set at the next higher step of the revised salary envelope step above.

The annual increase of project employees in the standard salary package will be eligible upon completion of one year of continuous service from the date of appointment to the relevant position and also subsequent years in the same manner.

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