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During the event, Capt. Gene Cash, Commander, NAVSUP BSC, recognized the contributions of over 600 civilian employees and presented the command’s annual awards for 2022.

“Even through a global pandemic, you have shown resilience, agility and mission focus,” Cash said. “Thank you all for what you do every day for your Navy and our country.”

Tina Cancel, who served as Controller for NAVSUP BSC during the awards period, was recognized as Leader of the Year for her exemplary financial leadership enabling the delivery of information technology (IT) solutions and fleet information management.

“We all serve the fight in our own way, and I’m very proud of the ground I’ve gained during my tenure as Comptroller. I feel lucky to have been able to serve and learn while leading the small and mighty team,” Cancel said.

Rhonda Bauriedl, IT Specialist for One Touch Support (OTS), received the Senior Employee of the Year award for her performance as Chief OTS Analyst.

Bauriedl also completed a development opportunity in the Navy Government Acquisition Card Program Office and served as a scrum master for three robotic process automation teams comprised of Department of Defense cyber scholars ( DoD) during the year.

“Being recognized for my contributions to NAVSUP BSC is a great honor,” said Bauriedl. “Having the opportunity to work with such an incredible group of people in pursuit of a common goal for the fighter, and then to receive this recognition for doing so, is both an honor and a highlight of my career at BSC I appreciate those around me who have always been willing to support me in my endeavors, and I can only hope that I can do the same.

Kathryn Gaul, IT Specialist for the Floating Applications Branch, received the Junior Employee of the Year award for her performance as a senior analyst for the Hazardous Inventory Control System for Windows (HICSWIN) and Hazardous Inventory Control applications System (HICS) 4.0.

“I was extremely honored and grateful to receive the 2022 Junior Employee of the Year award,” Gaul said. “For me, this award means that the work I do is recognized and appreciated by my supervisors and command.”

Tito Malig, IT Specialist for One Touch Support (OTS), was named Command Support Employee of the Year for his performance as an OTS trainer. Malig has provided classroom and virtual training and user support to more than 1,300 military, civilian and contractors.

“I am truly humbled and humbled by my supervisor’s trust and faith,” Malig said. “I hope I can continue to excel and improve in my role, especially creating an environment for the team to do their best.”

The Robotic Process Automation team received the Team of the Year award for their efforts in developing six attended automations and two unattended automations that increase mission value and efficiency at scale in the company NAVSUP. Their combined efforts saved 14,118 man-hours from deployed automations, exceeding the annual goal of 12,000.

The team also played a key support role with DoD Cyber ​​Scholars during their summer session, working with 12 students to complete UiPath training and develop automations.

The NAVSUP BSC Team of the Year recipients included: Darien Alleyne, Allison Hollie, Kaz Ieraci, Kyle Ivory, Edward Pykosh, Tracy Riegle and Shanna Tobias.

“Receiving this award means that we have come together as a cohesive team,” said Kaz Ieraci, IT specialist and member of the RPA team. “We can work together to provide automation solutions to our customers, as well as troubleshoot and resolve technical issues that arise to ensure that our automations continue to meet our customers’ needs.”

Following the awards presentation, Lynn Briggs, former Supervisory IT Project Manager, and Becky Quarry, former Supervisory IT, Policy and Planning Specialist, were inducted into the NAVSUP BSC Hall of Fame.

During his 35-year career with NAVSUP BSC, Briggs successfully led several branches of the Technology Services Department and served as Project Manager for NAVSUP Defense Research and Engineering Network and Defense Information Systems Agency Server Hosting, Architect of company and webmaster NAVSUP.

Quarry has held various positions during his 38 year career at NAVSUP BSC. She served as Director of NAVSUP Solutions Department, Defense Solutions Department, Logistics Solutions Department and Strategic Workforce Planning Team.

Also honored at the ceremony: Thomas Wirfel, data strategist; Dirk Henry, NAVSUP Wireless Commercial Project Manager; and Matthew Dyer, an expert in retail operations management systems, who each received the Navy Department’s Meritorious Civilian Service Award.

Wirfel was recognized for his efforts with the Navy Data Platform (NDP) from March 2014 to June 2022. As chief data strategist, he led the establishment of the Netezza platform and over 40 unique interfaces , including Navy Enterprise Resource Planning.

Henry was recognized for his efforts from January 2013 to March 2022 when he successfully designed and maintained the NAVSUP commercial wireless network.

Dyer was recognized for his efforts from January 1999 to July 2022 in supporting numerous applications for NAVSUP Enterprise. Most notably, Dyer has spent countless hours, including nights and weekends, supporting the fighter with technical assistance for the Retail Operations Management application.

“While 16 employees were recognized this year, there were over 120 nominees for team and individual awards,” said Brian Zirbel, Executive Director, NAVSUP BSC. “The competition was fierce and I feel exceptionally privileged to lead a team of truly talented and committed professionals.”

NAVSUP BSC provides the Navy with information systems support through the design, development and maintenance of systems in the functional areas of logistics, supply chain management, transportation, finance and of Accounting and is one of 11 commands under Commander, NAVSUP.

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