Kenworth EV Grant Initiative connects clients to finance

Kenworth Electric Vehicle Grants help customers find and obtain financial assistance for the purchase of Kenworth T680E, K270E and K370E battery electric vehicles and associated charging equipment.

Kenworth’s major initiative tracks more than 75 federal, state, county, and municipal grant and incentive programs in the United States and Canada, each with different requirements, eligibility, funding allocations, and time frames. The effort supports private and public fleets across a wide range of industries, including dailymaking operations, municipal services, local pickup and delivery, and regional freight, according to the company.

Kenworth’s electrification team works closely with each customer to create the best fit vehicle, EV charging equipment and infrastructure package. The team participates in working groups and seminars with the agencies responsible for the different grant programs. Agencies often call for comments and hold workshops to allow OEMs, environmental groups – and sometimes customers – to voice their opinions and help guide the agency to a new framework that is more beneficial to beneficiaries.

“The Kenworth electrification team fulfills the role of ‘voice for the customer’ during these workshops and open comment periods and paves the way for fleets and truck operators to access available funds,” said said Jim Walenczak, Kenworth’s deputy general manager for sales and marketing. “Kenworth has already helped clients secure $ 10 million in financing for vehicle and electric vehicle equipment, as well as an additional $ 1.5 million pending final decisions from various agencies. ”

Hank Johnson, Managing Director of Kenworth Sales, said: “Through this process we have learned that no two grants are the same and that by partnering with our customers we can help streamline the process. grant and funding. Our team identifies grants as they become available and assists clients with funding requirements and requests. Beyond vehicle incentives, Kenworth is also alerting dealers and customers about infrastructure financing and incentives in their local market to help accelerate this important component of BEV’s sales growth.

Kenworth’s electrification team will also work with customers throughout the lifecycle of their electric vehicle fleet to collect and sell Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits and generate new revenue, Johnson noted.

The full program is part of the Kenworth Driving to Zero Emissions initiative. In addition to Class 8 T680E, Class 7 K370E and Class 6 K270E, the program offers new EV charging stations.

Paccar Parts electric vehicle charging stations maximize coverage on a full range of Kenworth electric vehicles, with power output from 20 to 350 kW. Customers can rely on the expertise of Paccar Parts and its infrastructure partners to tailor EV charging solutions to the needs of any fleet size. EV chargers can be purchased from Kenworth dealers.

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