Good entry point for the staff of the Water Board who paid the contractor twice the amount of his invoice | Kerala News

Thiruvananthapuram: Senior Kerala Water Authority (KWA) officials hushed up an incident in which a contractor who performed work worth Rs 1.08 crore for the department received double the amount.

Instead of recovering the extra money given to the contractor, officials tried to act smart by allowing the contractor to settle the amount through future work.

Not only that, four official team members who sanctioned the double amount, then received good service.

The contractor was to be paid Rs 1.08 crore for the work related to the laying of pipelines in the Wadakkanchery area for the public health division of Thrissur. However, the amount was sanctioned and deposited into the contractor’s account twice, once on March 16 and the second time on March 20.

Serious deficiencies in the review of related documents caused the confusion. The loss of money arose when a new group of employees replaced the previous group following a routine transfer. In the meantime, the entrepreneur had informed the KWA authorities of the double amount that had entered his account.

From then on, there was an attempt to cover up the gaps that occurred at the official level. Interestingly, it was decided to adjust the excess money for future work to be done by the same contractor.

In the letter to the executive engineer and the contractor, the CFO described the steps taken to cover up the irregularity as “super smart.”

Ironically, the right start was given to the four employees who sanctioned a double amount for efficient use of plan funds in 2020-21.

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