Former FDC CFO charged with $90,000 fraud

A 42-year-old woman from the south coast of New South Wales has been sentenced to a two-year intensive correctional order and 500 hours of community service after defrauding her employer, a family daycare program ( FDC), over $90,000. over five years.

The woman was also ordered to repay the defrauded funds, which were used to ‘finance her lifestyle’, including using the scheme’s credit card to spend over $1,300 on a trip to Kmart and Target. a few days before Christmas in 2014.

She pleaded guilty to two counts of dishonestly obtaining property by deception with a third count to consider, and admitted obtaining the funds during the five-year period she was employed , starting almost immediately after starting the role.

As well as Christmas shopping for her family, the funds were used to buy gift vouchers to Shellharbour Square shopping centre, groceries at Woolworths, home decor, tires and a wheel alignment for her vehicle, and other items.

Botox treatments, Lorna Jane sportswear, personal loan repayments, college tuition, dance lessons, resort stays and cash deposits to friends and family also made the list. allegations.

At least $36,000 of the funds were transferred to his own personal account or used to pay personal bills. The money transfers were labeled as a “reimbursement” and “payment for advertising” in an attempt to conceal the fraud.

His employment ended in July 2018 when the regime became aware of the scale of the embezzlement.

Unfortunately, due to the scale of the fraud, police prosecutor Anna Comer said, the nonprofit FDC provider has “barely remained financially viable since the crimes.” [name redacted] pledged and did not repay.

The defense argued that the fraud was unsophisticated and was committed in an effort to maintain the family’s financial position. The defendant has since been employed without issue and no further breaches have occurred, with the defendant expressing regret for his actions.

“She is contrite and remorseful for the conduct she committed a few years ago and she accepts responsibility for it,” her lawyer said.

Local coverage of this story is available here.

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