Finance firm secures investment for North Wales care business

St Asaph-based FFP Solutions has secured a ‘significant investment’ for sisters Olwen Dean, Helen Darling and Cathy Williams to buy Chaseley House Care Home in Rhos-on-Sea.

The house will be part of their successful home care agency, Tender Loving Care Ltd in Llandudno Junction, which employs 85 people.

Following in the footsteps of their mother Margaret, all three have decades of experience in the industry and even worked alongside her in their first jobs in a care home.

“TLC Ltd has provided care in the community for almost 15 years and has done so throughout the pandemic, which has been one of the most challenging times the industry has faced,”

Olwen said.

“It showed how important social workers are and got us thinking about our next steps as an organisation.

“From there, the natural progression for us was to buy a retirement home where we can do what we do best.

“Our mother was supported, we are, and our daughters Andrea and Sarah have leadership roles at TLC, so it’s very much a family business, and we’re excited to see how things are developing.”

After identifying Chaseley House as the location, FFP Solutions were tasked with negotiating the deal.

Kathy said:

“We needed financial support because our investment bank did not take into account the significant investment needed to move forward, so we contacted FFP.

“They came to our offices to discuss options, loved our enthusiasm and the company and the rest is history, as they say.”

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing, according to Helen:

“On the day we took office, there were confirmed cases of Covid-19 with staff and residents, so we reintroduced PPE and other measures while having a very difficult first few weeks with health issues. personal.

“It meant we all had to roll up our sleeves and do what was necessary to provide care and a safe environment for those who avoided the virus, alongside those who tested positive.

“It was a sink or swim case, and luckily the three of us are good swimmers!”

Thanking Director Richard Lloyd-Jones and the team at FFP Solutions, Olwen added: “They have been fantastic, but we also have to thank our families and employees for their high standards of customer and community service.

“We have big plans – staff are progressing towards registering with Social Care Wales – and if the pandemic has taught us anything it’s how precious life is and how important people are.”

Richard congratulated them on their new venture and said:

“The care sector has faced many challenges in recent years, but TLC Ltd is an example of an organization that will play an important role in its progress after the pandemic.

“We are delighted for Olwen, Helen and Cathy, from the moment I met them their energy and vision was so impressive, we wish them well and were delighted to be able to help them take them to the next level in business .”

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