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ISLAMABAD: The Finance Division rejected a request from the capital police for public order and police administration allowances, but increased and revised the ration and daily allowances.

However, he added, no additional funds would be provided and expenses related to the ration and per diem would be covered from the already authorized police budget.

Officials from the Interior Ministry and the capital’s police told Dawn that the request was made for an increase in ration allowance, daily allowance and police law and the order allowance for all police employees. A police administration stipend equal to more than one basic salary was also requested for officers in grades 17 to 22, they added.

The Home Office, in response to the recommendations made by the officers concerned, forwarded a proposal to the Ministry of Finance for consideration and approval on May 27, 2022.

“The rejection of the proposal has hurt the police officials because there is a major difference between their salary and that of the police in the four provinces and Gilgit-Baltistan,” a senior police officer said. He said demanding compensation at the rate of 1.2 times base salary only for officers in grades 17 to 22 was shocking and depressing for lower-ranking officials.

Said that due to the current financial situation, there is no budgetary space for new allocations

The capital’s former police chief, Ahsan Younus, had asked ex-interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and incumbent Rana Sanaullah to bring back the capital’s police salary and allowances at the same level as those of the Punjab Police. Bringing the salary and allowances of the current police force in the capital to the same level as that of the Punjab police would cost the state treasury 0.8 billion rupees a year.

The concerned officers of the capital police had made a proposal to revise the rate of the ration allowance from 390 rupees per month to 1,038 rupees per month, which would have a financial impact of 0.3 billion rupees per year , the officers said.

An increase in the fixed daily allowance (from 20 days per month to 30 days) and a revision of the rate of the allowance from the existing rate for the year 2010 to the revised rate for the year 2012 for all employees of the Status from grade 1 to grad-22 would have a financial impact of 1.47 billion rupees per year, he added.

Granting of the Police Law and Order Allowance for all employees has also been requested, which would have a financial impact of Rs 2.1 billion a year, the officer said, adding that the The grant of Police Administration Allowance @ 1.2 times Base Salary for Officers from Grade -17 to Year 22 has also been requested with a financial impact of Rs 0.034 billion per annum.

A memo from the Finance Division to the Department of the Interior indicated that the matter had been thoroughly investigated and the division was of the opinion that federal government employees could not be compared to those of provincial governments, two being different governments having different terms and conditions of service. Any comparison in terms of pay and allowances can be drawn with other federal government law enforcement agencies, he added.

The Finance Division has accepted the proposal to revise the ration allowance rate for civil servants in grades 7 to 14 of the Capital Police from Rs 390 per month to Rs 10.38 per month with immediate effect, a- she said, adding that the finance division does not agree with the request to increase the number of days from 20 to 30 days per month for DAs, however, he agrees to revise the rate of 20 DA fixed with immediate effect from the existing 2010 rate to the revised 2017 rate as eligible for employees of other federal government EIAs.

With regard to the granting of police and administrative allowances of the police, the division stated that in view of the current financial situation and the ongoing program of the IMF, there is no budgetary space for the granting new allowances, adding that the Finance Division does not agree with the proposals.

Expenses involved in the above-mentioned review will be covered from the Capital Police’s already approved budget and no additional funds will be provided by the finance division for this, adding that the Home Office has been advised to move a summary for the Prime Minister under the Standing Orders. of Business 1973 to seek formal approval of the proposals.

Meanwhile, the capital’s police said in a tweet that Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan had congratulated officers and police officials on approving their salary increase.

The ration and daily allowances for police officers have been increased, the minister said.

Another tweet said Islamabad Police officers thanked the Home Minister. Obstacles to remaining police allowances will soon be removed, the minister said, quoting the minister.

The third tweet stated that Islamabad police salaries would soon be on par with Punjab police. It is the government’s commitment that will be kept, added the Minister.

Posted in Dawn, September 24, 2022

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