Finance Company Executive Detained For Gold Loan Fraud | News from Gurgaon

GURUGRAM: An area manager of a financial company specializing in gold lending has been charged with fraud. According to police, he recovered jewelry from two people who had applied for gold loans. Although the amount was sanctioned, the gold was not deposited with the company, officials said.
According to police, Happy Yadav, a resident of Rajiv Nagar, has been working as an area manager at Ruptok Fintech Private Limited since January this year. He was assigned to the Gurugram branch. Recently, Yogesh Kumar, a resident of the city, applied for a gold loan. After a verification process, Happy went to see him to collect some gold ornaments. Based on his report and confirmation, Rs 1.39 lakh was transferred to Kumar’s account on April 21.
The next day, Happy went to another loan seeker, Sumit, for the verification and collection process. Based on his report, Rs 74,291 was transferred to Sumit’s account. But according to company officials, no jewelry was left with them in either case.
On April 23, when officials asked about the gold, Happy told them he would file it with the partner company on April 24. ” This does not happen. We tried to contact him, but his phone was off all day. We contacted his wife and she said her phone had been stolen. Later Happy called us and said he would drop off the jewelry by April 26, ”said Nikunj Kumar Srivastava, a company official. No jewelry was left on April 26, and Happy’s wife reportedly told officials he was not at home.
Later, an FIR was filed under Article 408 (criminal breach of trust by employee or employee) of the IPC at the Pataudi police station. ASI Krishan Kumar said a probe was underway.
Based on the complaint filed by Ruptok Fintech Pvt Ltd, an FIR was filed under IPC Section 408 (Criminal Breach of Confidence by Employee or Employee) at Pataudi Police Station. ASI Krishan Kumar said a probe was underway.
“We are a customer-centric company and the safety of our customers is our priority. As soon as we became aware of the incident, we immediately dismissed the employee of the company after necessary checks. We also filed an FIR against the employee convicted of his professional misconduct against the company. We are cooperating with the judicial authorities on this issue and will fully assist them. Customers have not suffered any loss or damage as a result of this incident. We at Ruptok regret any inconvenience caused to customers due to misconduct. We are committed to strengthening our protocols and will take the necessary steps to be more careful in such cases in the future, ”said a spokesperson for Ruptok Fintech Pvt. Ltd.
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