Delay in filing mobile court fines disrupts finance division

The delay poses problems for the finance division to prudently close the daily gap between income and expenditure, they said. Finance division officials said ministries and divisions are still showing a tendency towards a centuries-old manual system, which has caused a delay in the submission of funds from fines, compensations and sales of confiscated items.

In the current financial year, a gain of Tk 461 crore was targeted on fines, set-offs and sales of items confiscated from the national budget.

Finance Division Deputy Secretary Nazma Mobarek said the government was often forced to borrow money at a higher interest rate to meet day-to-day expenses, which was contrary to fiscal management. cautious.

The amount is higher than Tk’s 421 crore revenue in the previous fiscal year of 2020-21.

To overcome the delay, the finance division issued a regulatory order on January 18 requiring ministries and divisions to submit the fund in a timely manner.

The division suggested the use of “Challan’s automated system” to avoid delays in submitting fines, compensation and sales of confiscated items.

The “Automated Challan System” was introduced to streamline the collection of all types of government revenue, including service charges, as per statutory order.

They said that Department of Environment, Department of Forestry, Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection, Bangladesh Inland Waterway Transport Authority and Bangladesh Road Transport Authority were among the major government bodies operating mobile courts.

Officials said ministries and divisions have been instructed to use the electronic system to submit funds instead of using the manual system.

In November 2021, 10 BRTA mobile courts in Dhaka and Chattogram fined about Tk 3.58 lakh on 287 diesel buses and 49 CNG buses for charging higher fares and other offences.

There are about 120 laws in the country providing for mobile courts, according to the Mobile Courts Act 2009.

Many laws date back more than a century.

The law includes the Public Gambling Act, 1867, the Touts Act, 1879, the Juvenile Smoking Act, 1919, the Cruelty to Animals Act, 1920, the Highways Act, 1925, the Forest Act, 1927, the Building Construction Act, 1952, the Control of Essential Commodities Act, 1956, Pesticides Ordinance, 1971, Printing Presses and Publications (Declaration and Registration) Act, 1973, Bangladesh Wild Life (Preservation) Order, 1973.

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