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St. Bartholomew’s Church (“St. Bart’s”) is a warm, vibrant and growing parish of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan at 325 Park Avenue between 50th and 51st streets. Our mission is to comfort, challenge and inspire a growing community of people seeking meaning and hope in their lives. We experience the mystery of God, listen and wrestle with the word of God, share the presence of Christ in the sacrament, feel God’s love in community, and come away strengthened to live and serve in the world. We passionately serve our city and the world, we welcome people of all faiths, and whether you are looking for a church home or just visiting, we invite you into our parish family, both here in New York and virtually .

We view our sacred space as a gift – something inherited from our ancestors and a gift we are called to share with others. More than the iconic building and location, the essence of St. Barts is its community of members, friends and visitors – a community that lives the gospel of God’s radical welcome for all, that embodies the teaching of Jesus. St. Bart’s is known for its “radical welcome” to newcomers, the breadth of its mission and outreach, its diverse collection of parishioners, its vast educational and ministry opportunities, and its glorious music. We are fortunate to hold services in a historic building which also comes with an obligation of preservation for future generations.

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The Director of Operations will be the senior staff officer of St. Bartholomew’s Church (“St. Bart’s”), reporting to the Rector and working alongside clergy, vestry and lay leaders to help the Church develop and achieve its strategic goals, increase support and alignment among mission support activities, and reduce clergy administrative responsibilities. This leader will be responsible for leading, setting direction, and driving results in all non-worship activities, including:

  1. Operations: Provide the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that the organization has the appropriate operating systems and operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures and personnel systems to develop the organization and ensure its financial strength and operational efficiency.
  2. Resource Development: Drive revenue and profit growth in all mission support activities, including other creative ways to use assets for growth, to ensure increased profits to support the mission of St. Barts.
  3. Financial management: as a complex organization with various revenue models, works closely with the finance and management team to ensure that the budget and cash position allow St. Barth to meet all of its programmatic and contractual obligations and to preserve its financial health; enable the organization to have timely financial reports and information in order to make key decisions.
  4. Team and Culture Building: Develop and implement plans to invest in teams and culture building, and work towards greater collaboration between clergy, staff and sacristy so that everyone works together on strategic objectives.
  5. Capital Improvements: Execute and maintain a long-term building capital improvement plan and work with St. Barts clergy and staff to have a fundraising plan to support the building.

As a senior member of the leadership team, the COO will accomplish this through a collaborative, constructive and energetic style guided by St Bart’s mission, vision and values. The COO will have 6 direct reports: Director of Finance, Director of IT, Director of Rentals, Director of Facilities. director of the summer camp and director of the kindergarten.


Operations Strategy

  • Collaborate with the President and the management team to evaluate organizational performance against the annual budget and long-term strategy.
  • Provide actionable recommendations on strategy and operations, with the goal of continually developing and improving systems while always creating a positive and dynamic work culture.
  • Report to Vestry on issues, trends and changes in operating model(s) and operational delivery. Generate reports, dashboards and develop tools to provide critical financial and operational information to the Rector and Sacristy.
  • Lead the negotiation of all property leases and the development of a broader rental revenue growth strategy, in conjunction with the Events Marketing Manager.
  • Leverage information technology tools and systems to support core business initiatives. Support and empower the Director of IT to ensure effective use of information technology systems to support membership, donations, volunteering, rentals, etc.
  • Develop outsourcing strategies for functions such as administration, finance and fundraising to increase organizational efficiency, quality of results and responsiveness.

Revenue growth strategy

  • Serve as the lead in creating a strategy and plan to increase revenue of approximately $4 million generated from the use of the building and overseeing various related mission support activities (including a nursery school, summer camp, rental of buildings, sports facilities, cafe and bookstore), including finding new and creative sources of income for St Bart’s.
  • Support for parish giving activities, including working alongside the Director of Development to stimulate the growth of various types of giving.
  • Maintain and strengthen relationships with building users such as the preschool and cafe (Inside Park), including seeking additional opportunities for strategic cooperation and growth.

Financial direction

  • Provide oversight of finances, accounting, and reporting for overall parish and individual mission support activities.
  • Establish and continue to improve effective management reporting systems and processes; develop dashboards to track the financial and operational performance of the organization.
  • Oversee the preparation and approval of all financial reporting documents and measures for funding agencies and Vestry; prepare and communicate monthly and annual financial statements.
  • Development of annual Capex budgets and cash flow forecasts, including 3-5 year financial plans. Track performance against plan and provide input into actions needed to deliver short and long term financial plans.
  • Develop a long-term capital plan to ensure the viability of the historic St. Bart’s building in midtown Manhattan and oversee the relationship with St. Bart’s Conservancy.

Team management and leadership

  • Build effective team dynamics by coaching and developing the operations team through the implementation of goals and objectives, monitoring team performance, gathering staff feedback, and improving performance and team responsiveness.
  • Engage other members of the St. Bart team to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration that positively supports St. Bart’s mission; establish and lead cross-functional meetings with leadership team and Church departments to communicate and gather information to support decision-making.
  • Contribute to the organization’s efforts to promote an organizational culture of collaboration, open, transparent and frequent communication, adaptation, alignment with a common vision and celebration of success in achieving a specific project and broader organizational goals.
  • Provide clear and thoughtful communications with all stakeholders and especially staff, to ensure an environment of transparency, mission clarity and support while demonstrating high standards of excellence and accountability.
  • Provide effective and inspirational leadership by actively participating in all programs and services, developing broad and deep knowledge of all programs.
  • Support the Rector as instructed to work effectively with 501(c)3s that support building and outreach programs that are closely tied to St. Barts’ mission.
  • Serve on behalf of the Rector to support 501(c)3s in various capacities, including internal meetings and external functions.


The COO should be a seasoned leader with a minimum of 10-15 years of experience in finance and operations, including at least 10 years at a management level. Experience in non-profit administration, operations, or tax experience preferred.

The COO will have the following experience and attributes:

  • In-depth understanding of complex, multi-faceted nonprofit organizations with major expenses and revenues over $10 million and assets over $20 million. Direct experience in religious organizations and/or a solid understanding of the relationship between leadership and spiritual and secular duties is a plus.
  • An ability to embrace a mission-driven organization like St. Barts, lead the team through change, and increase cooperation and collaboration in a respectful manner within a complex, multi-faceted organizational structure.
  • Demonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities, proposing new ways to create efficiencies, increase revenue, and direct investments in people and systems.
  • Demonstrated success in implementing strategic plans.
  • Strong business acumen as well as analytical and financial management skills.
  • Proven track record of strong leadership and collaborative management skills; ability to coach and mentor others in making key decisions through essential problem-solving skills.
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide variety of people.
  • Accessible, responsible, creative and systemic thinker; strong project manager who can multi-task while being highly detail oriented with exceptional organizational skills.
  • A true passion for mission and an appreciation for religious values ​​and traditions.

This job description is based on material provided by St. Bart’s, an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Natalia Kepler, talent consultant

Rachel Carter, Partner

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