Cambria CA CSD CFO leaves, interim takes over


The Cambrian Community Services District will hold two meetings this week on proposed water and sewer rate increases.

There is an interim chief financial officer at the Cambria Community Services District, but so far district officials have not explained why the former director is no longer in the role.

Then-CFO Rudy Hernandez presented the district’s proposed operating budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year at the June 28 board meeting, but the following Monday, his name did not appear. was no longer at this post on the district’s website,

General manager Jerry Gruber said by email the next day that former CSD chief financial officer Alleyne LaBossiere would take over those duties on an interim basis, but declined Cambrian’s repeated requests for more information to clarify why Hernandez didn’t. was no longer employed by the district.

“We are checking with the district attorney to see what to release,” Gruber said.

Some financial issues were however mentioned at the June 28 meeting, such as a check for the purchase of a truck being given without a signature to the seller and the district’s delay in paying some of its bills, resulting in payments being doubled into one. month.

Gruber didn’t say whether those errors were made by Hernandez or someone else.

Gruber said the first check for the truck was sent without a signature, so the district cut and sent a duplicate check — this one correctly signed.

According to Perry Ford Lincoln’s receipt in San Luis Obispo, SDCC purchased the all-new 2018 Ford F150 truck for $22,598.65 as a vehicle for sustainable water facility operator James Green.

The truck does not have four-wheel drive, which Board Chair Amanda Rice questioned at the meeting, because as the plant’s chief operator, Green will likely have to drive the vehicle. in muddy winter conditions.

The CSD expense report lists two checks for this amount, which raised questions and questions at the June 28 meeting.

The cost of the truck was not included in the district’s 2017-2018 budget. The District Council must approve any unbudgeted expense over $25,000, but under normal circumstances (or if the situation is an emergency), Gruber can spend more than that on his own.

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