Best Buy beats Apple for “MacBook as a subscription service” program

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Electronics retailer Best Buy has launched a Mac equivalent of Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, allowing users to lease a laptop over a three-year period.

While rumors persist that Apple is looking to introduce a hardware subscription service, Best Buy has partnered with financial company Citizens Pay to do just that. The new Upgrade+ service is specifically intended to finance Mac laptops for a monthly fee.

“Apple continues to be a major innovator in technology, and its products have helped transform the way people use technology in their daily lives,” said Jason Bonfig, director of merchandising at Best Buy, in A press release. “By introducing Upgrade+, we’re giving customers an affordable and accessible way to get their hands on some of the most exciting technology available.”

Best Buy says Upgrade+ works like a 36-month lease. For $999 Macbook Aireligible users pay starting at $19.99 per month for 36 months, followed by a potential final payment of $280.35 in the 37th month.

Instead of purchasing their laptop during this 37th month, users can return the machine and continue the program with a new one. Of course, if an upgrade option is chosen, the monthly prices will be higher.

Additionally, the company says that regardless of the option chosen, it will not be required to make the final payment.

“If they choose to upgrade to a newer model Mac laptop or return the original product,” the company says, “Best Buy will make final payment on behalf of the customer.”

Buyers have the option of obtaining AppleCare+ for the device, plus selected – and as yet unspecified – Apple accessories. These are all funded over 36 months.

In Best Buy’s case, the company says it’s a limited-time promotion, though it doesn’t currently give an end date. Best Buy Totaltech member discounts and rates do not apply.

The amount paid per month for the first 36 months is based on creditworthiness, as well as the “original price, without discount” of the device. Other limitations are details on Best Buy Update page+.

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