August 6, 2022 Letters to the Editor: Positive Customer Service | Letters

Positive customer service

We’ve all had bad experiences at one point or another when it comes to trading in and buying a new car. My wife decided we needed to downsize by selling our two cars and then buying one.

We started and ended with CarMax. From the moment we arrived at the Midlothian Turnpike dealership in Chesterfield County, we had the best experience we could have hoped for.

We easily sold every car at a better price than any other dealership. The car we wanted to buy was in Maryland, so we paid to have it moved to our land and were notified when it arrived. We drove the car and liked it enough to buy it.

The morning we went to test drive the vehicle, CarMax called my wife and set up all of our financing over the phone. As we bought the car, they refunded us the transfer fee.

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Also, since the vehicle was missing a manual, CarMax let us buy one online and refunded it to us. The company then granted us a financing rate of 3.2%, which we could not have obtained anywhere else.

We were also given 4,000 miles to make sure everything was working fine with the car. After three weeks, my wife made an appointment to have her brakes checked.

The day she went to do this, she was greeted at the door by name and a CarMax employee explained everything the company was up to, providing updates along the way.

We couldn’t be happier with the service given to Midlothian CarMax. It was a wonderful experience.

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