AGPR pension recoveries: Finance Division tasked with reviewing cases of 64 private secretaries – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Sub-Committee of the Cabinet Secretariat Standing Committee has instructed the Finance Division to look into the cases of 64 private secretaries who have been subject to pension recoveries by the Accountant General of Revenue Pakistan (AGPR) for humanitarian reasons.

The sub-committee met MP Mohsin Dawar at the Parliament Buildings on Tuesday. The committee also directed the Finance Division to direct the AGPR to immediately stop deductions for retired private secretaries who were promoted on rules prior to the release of the office memorandum dated March 31, 2021.

Memorandum dated March 31, 2021 giving effect to revised terms/criteria for granting a BS-17 Private Secretary time scale. The committee was of the opinion that all these rules/criteria should be part of the Rules for the Appointment and Promotion of Civil Servants, 1973.

The Finance Division informed that a memorandum from the office dated March 31, 2021 has been issued with the approval of the Prime Minister for the granting of financial benefits to private secretaries who had served in the basic scale (BS) 17 for five years was made eligible for the award of BS-18.

The officials said that after the granting of BS-18, the benefit of prior service in BS-16 and below should be extended with reference to the length of service calculation for the granting of BS-19 according to the form set out in the Settlement Division office. memorandum (MO) of 2.6.1983. However, they stated that contrary to this approved formula, Private Secretaries began to require benefits from their previous service for the grant of the BS-18 time scale, which was eligible for BS-19.

They stated that the OM Establishment Division was for promotion only and granting its benefit to private secretaries for granting time scale only as a special dispensation was misused and created a disparity between civil servants of different cadres, which resulted in endless litigation in court and also caused various administrative and financial problems.

The sub-committee on issues/complaints regarding illegal orders imposed by the Director Printing Corporation of Pakistan (PCP), Karachi against the staff was satisfied with the administrative actions taken by the Director General PCP.

The sub-committee ordered the PCP leadership to prosecute the case of the PCP Karachi press director currently on trial in the Sindh High Court (SHC).

The Subcommittee was also informed that the decision regarding the 11 terminated employees had been upheld as illegal and that their services had been restored. The committee was further informed that the director had been placed on compulsory leave and that an investigation had been carried out against him.

Officials told the Subcommittee that the investigation had been completed and submitted to the Cabinet Division for further action, but that CHS had compelled the Cabinet Division to take any adverse action against the director until the case is judged by the court.

The CEO of PCP informed the subcommittee that a proposal was being considered to make PCP commercially viable. He informed that with the financial burden and responsibilities, the only way to run the organization was its merger with Security Printing Press, Karachi and divestment of its few assets to clear the responsibilities.

The sub-committee will submit its recommendations to the main committee. The meeting was attended by MPs Rana Iradat Sharif Khan, Uzma Riaz, Muhammad Aslam Khan and officers from the Cabinet, Finance and Establishment divisions.

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