11 arrested in Bengaluru for stealing 1 crore rupees from finance company employees | Bangalore News

BENGALURU: Eleven men from Kerala were arrested by Bengaluru Rural Police for allegedly assaulting a group of employees of a private finance company and fleeing with Rs 1 crore cash near Madanayakanahalli off Tumakuru Road on March 11 .
Police sources said they have not yet found anyone else, who is believed to be in possession of the loot. “So far we have arrested 11 people and are questioning them. The main suspects are still at large and we have sent special teams to Kerala to search for them,” a senior officer said.
The incident happened on the morning of March 11 when five employees of Nagercoil financial company near Kanyakumari were driving near the NICE Road junction at Madanayakanahalli. They were on their way back to Nagercoil in a four-wheeled vehicle after visiting Hubballi and other locations on March 8 to collect money from customers. When they reached the outskirts of Madanayakanahalli at 5:50 a.m. with Rs 1 crore kept in a bag, a gang of armed men arrived in a car and attacked them.
J Franklin, the company’s senior accountant, said in his complaint: “The robbers attacked our car with machetes and smashed the windows. As they took us out, they took our money and our cell phones. They left with their car as well as ours. ”
An investigator said the arrested men were repeat offenders facing similar theft charges in Kerala and elsewhere. Most of them have at least 20 lawsuits against them.
“The gang knew that Franklin and the others were carrying Rs 1 crore with them. When we catch the main suspect, we will know how he found out about the money,” the officer said.


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