Welsh budget must prioritize economic and civil service recovery, say Welsh Tories

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Peter Fox, member of Monmouth Sendd

The Welsh Conservatives say the Welsh government “must prioritize the revival of the economy and the civil service” in the next budget.

The draft budget, setting out proposals for the Welsh government’s strategic spending, taxation and funding plans, will be released tomorrow 20 December for consideration by the finance and policy committees.

Commenting ahead of the budget, Welsh Conservative shadow finance minister Peter Fox MS said: public services. “

He said they are calling for a package of measures that tackle deep-rooted issues in Wales’ health and social care services and support businesses during the pandemic.

Mr Fox said: ‘As we continue to face the challenges of the pandemic, Labor Ministers must use this budget to prioritize the recovery of Wales and deal with societal pressures rather than socialist projects. and unnecessary nationalists such as constitutional change and more politicians.

“Welsh Tories want to see the urgent introduction of a compensation fund for businesses hit by cancellations in the wake of Omicron, as well as the extension of the trade tariff holiday to help businesses on the road to recovery , securing jobs across Wales.

“We also cannot afford to ignore other serious public health and welfare issues, and now is the opportune time for ministers to heed our long-standing calls for the introduction of surgical centers.” regions so we can take the pressure off hospitals and start tackling the huge backlog of the NHS Labor waiting list.

“The UK Conservative Government has provided Minister of Labor with record funding to provide Welsh communities – an additional £ 2.5bn per year on average on top of its annual funding of £ 15.9bn – and it is essential that this be used to help boards keep bills low. for working families, correct the chronic underfunding of schools and ensure that our infrastructure is fit for the 21st century.

“This record breaking budget must be invested wisely to meet the priorities of workers, and with a focus on creating better paying jobs and providing essential public services.”


When the UK Government Spending Review was announced in October, Rebecca Evans, Welsh Government Finance Minister, said: “This UK Government Spending Review has not produced results for Wales. Vital funding priorities, such as long-term remediation of coal landfills and increased funding for rail infrastructure, have been ignored.

“The fact remains that there are clear funding gaps where the UK government should invest in Wales and it has chosen not to do so. How to replace EU Structural Funds remains unclear, but what we do know is that it is well below the £ 375million we were receiving – these are funds that support skills, businesses and decarbonization. “

Adam Price accused Chancellor Rishi Sunak of Champagne neoliberalism, saying: “Cut taxes on national aviation, sparkling wine and bank profits while the planet burns + working families struggle. That’s all you need to know about Westminster Priorities. We needed moral leadership.

Plaid Cymru Treasury spokesman Ben Lake MP also said: “With millions of people facing a cost-of-living crisis, today we needed a transformative budget that would money in people’s pockets in the short and long term as well as an ambitious budget. policies to set an example globally ahead of COP26. The Chancellor failed on both counts.

“£ 2.5bn for Wales is a good title for the UK government. But let’s put that in perspective. Wales owe around £ 5bn in back-to-back funding to HS2, which the Chancellor today again decided to deny Wales. “

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