Thieves perform ‘pooja’ before ransacking financial firm in Kerala : The Tribune India

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Chandigarh, May 22

Starting something with prayer is considered a good omen and usually equates to success, according to beliefs. However, there might be some unusual incidents, where people imitate the practice to do something illegal. One such bizarre incident was reported in Kollam district of Kerala where robbers executed Pooja before breaking into a financial company.

According to reports from Manorama Online, the disbelievers executed Pooja with alcohol and betal leaves before looting the financial company named Pathanapuram Bankers. Owner Ramchandran Nair discovered a theft at his business when he arrived there at 9am on Monday. He reported that cash and gold worth Rs 42 lakh were stolen from his business premises.

A report with the local police station has been filed in the case and prima facie evidence suggests the thieves managed to enter the first floor of the premises through the roof. They would have broken iron gates and forced open the gate.

The officer further explained that the disbelievers used a box cutter to open the lockers and get their hands on the gold and silver. Police also reportedly discovered a note taped to the wall that read, “I am dangerous; do not follow me”.

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