LOS ANGELES, April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Netmarble, a leading mobile game developer and publisher, has announced the integration of the MARBLEX Wallet DEX service into its open world dark fantasy mobile RPG A3: Still alive is now available, completing the game’s overall blockchain ecosystem. With the integration of blockchain technology, players will be able to experience the game’s key narrative on a whole new level.

The introduction of the MARBLEX Wallet DEX Service feature for A3: Still alive now allows players to convert Inetrion Ore, an in-game currency, to INETRIUM, MBXL, and MBX, as well as convert to public currency for real-world transactions.

To obtain Inetrion Ore, players will need to visit the Inetrion Dungeon (levels 1-3) and use Radian’s Protection to defeat the Inetrion Monster. After collecting over 200,000 ore and linking the MARBLEX Wallet to the INETRIUM Refinery, players can convert the ore to INETRIUM based on the daily exchange fee, with a percentage of currency used for conversion. Through the MARBLEX Wallet DEX service, INETRIUM can then be used to buy and sell MBXL and can be converted into MBX to perform live trades to buy KLAY.

To celebrate the update and launch of the MARBLEX Wallet DEX service, as well as a new game server addition, new in-game updates will be made by the end of the month – Soul Runner (mount), Relic and Awaken Character will be added to advance combat power. The extradimensional gallery and new guild boss will also enhance players’ experiences in the dark fantasy of A3: Still Alive. Additionally, Inetrion Express and EXP Bonus Events for a new server will allow players to quickly and efficiently reach Lvl. 190.

In addition, a number of events are prepared for fans, who have converted MBXL to INETRIUM throughout May 10.

  • UIT Top Trading Event: For those who ranked as one of the top 5 INETRIUM buyers, will have the chance to get additional INETRIUM

  • ITU draw: For those who have purchased more than 10 INETRIUM for more than 5 days, automatically be eligible for the draw to win additional INETRIUM

Details regarding the events can be found on the official forum here.

Set in an apocalyptic fantasy world of swords and sorcery, A3: Still alive is a multi-genre mobile experience that brings together the huge, vivid worlds of Open world RPG with the extreme fight of battle royale. Players must be vigilant in a Player versus player (PvP) environment always open as they fight enemies with intense hack & slash combat and prove their mettle in a variety PvP and Player versus Environment (PvE) modes. A3: Still alive is beautifully rendered with splendid console-quality 3D graphics brought to life by the exceptional optimization of the Unity engine.

A3: Still alive is now available as a free digital download (with in-app purchases) on Apple App store and google play, in 172 countries around the world. The game is also available for download as an open beta for Windows PC via A3: Still alive website.

For more information, visit the official website website and forumand follow A3: Still alive on Facebook , Discordand Youtube .

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