Lufthansa will return three A380s to service in 2023

Lufthansa will put three of his stored A380 returned to service in 2023. Airbus’ double-decker aircraft will begin flying in June from the Munich hub.

The German carrier’s plans, however, are to expand the fleet of the world’s largest passenger aircraft. According to Carsten Spohr, CEO of Lufthansa, the reactivation is only the start of the plan, which should be expanded next year.

Lufthansa once had 14 A380s in its fleet, but six of them were sold to Airbus. The remaining eight devices have been placed in storage pending a decision on their fate.

Lufthansa A380 (Melv_L – MACASR)

Until last year, the German airline ruled out planes returning to the fleet, but that all changed in 2022 when demand for long-haul flights increased dramatically.

Months ago, Spohr revised its forecast and admitted that the A380 would be used again. In addition, the delay in the delivery of new aircraft, especially the Boeing 777-9, prompted Lufthansa to rethink the use of the large-capacity four-engine, despite the high operating cost.

In addition to the 777-9, Lufthansa plans to receive 787 Dreamliners and Airbus A350s in the coming years to reduce costs as well as emissions.

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